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Photo Boards

If you love our roll-up backdrops then you will love our photo boards. We have taken our durable backdrop sheets and mounted them onto PVC foam boards to give you a perfect flat backdrop surface to shoot your flatlays or use as a backdrop without the need to tape it down or to a wall. 

Use these photo boards for flatlays or as a surface & backdrop set up. Add in a set of our Corner Brackets with two photo boards and you’ll have your very own backdrop set up without the need for tripods or a random stack of items behind to prop up the backdrop.

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Roll-Up Backdrops

A lightweight, wipeable backdrop sheet that every product and food photographer should have on hand. Printed onto a durable 300gsm polypropylene stock with an added protective matte laminate on top to produce a versatile backdrop for all your photography needs.

Use it for flatlays, seamless backdrop set-ups or tape it to a wall to use as a backdrop wall. When you’re finished clean-up is a breeze and easily roll up the backdrop into a poster tube for storing or taking to your next shoot. 

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